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As someone who has been interested in the visual part of life for many many years now, I became interested in Graphic Design at about the age of 18. Being one that always loved to create, this was the perfect avenue to bring some more value into the world.


As someone who is a self taught creative, I have developed quite the eye for what looks good and what doesn't. So becoming a graphic designer was a step that was bound to happen eventually. With all the Adobe design programs coming to me naturally, many beautiful creations were made over the last decade and even more small businesses rejoiced at the having professional grade work done at unfortunately cheap prices!


It wasn't until I decided to value my time more than I turned my cheap graphic design services in to a higher value service that I actually started to make money from my long time passion, design.


As a growing and so far successful entrepreneur, I constantly look to the future and what it can bring everybody and I currently see nothing but a huge wave of sucess heading Melbourne way.

Graphic design work, ala MICKoWAR

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