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Tips For Small Business Websites - How to make your content 'not blow'

By MICKoWAR, Nov 3 2014 12:00AM

Perhaps you need someone to fix your vacuum, or you need to hire a new housekeeper. We have become accustomed to opening up Google, typing in what service or product we are look for and having the world at our fingertips. However, more often than not, we have way more of the world at our fingertips than we really want.

If you find a vacuum servicer or housekeeper that looks like it has potential, you will probably click on their link. You are most likely looking for the bottom line; how much will this cost you and what is the best way to contact them. Instead you end up wading through pages of written content that you could care less about. Within the web there is a 10 second rule. This means that, in general, a company has 10 seconds to sell the internet user on their service or product. However, many experts believe this to be a two second rule, and not a 10 second rule at all.

Experts agree that websites for small business should focus on three main concepts; looking professional, being simple and straight forward, having the contact information readily available on each portion of the website. Small businesses need to come across as experts in their field and taking their trade seriously. People will leave the site of a business in a hurry if they feel that the business does not know what they are doing. In addition, the small business needs to get to the nitty gritty and tell customers what they need to know in a short amount of time. The main selling point should be near the top and easily detectable.

The potential customer should have the option to keep reading the content if they want, but to get their meat and potatoes at the very type if they so choose. Finally, the phone number and other contact info should be easily accessible. If small business websites include several different pages, the phone number should be on each of those pages.

For small business SEO, it can be tempting to stuff and cram as many lines of text into page content as possible, after all a small business website that shows up on Google will theoretically get more business. However, a potential customer who clicks on link and has to lurk through lines and lines of text to find what exactly the company does and how to contact them, will likely go to the next one where they do not have to lurk. Whether they are looking for gluten free websites, new running shoes, or a cloth diaper service website, these same concepts apply. Small businesses can lose potential clients if they only focus on stuffing their websites and do not provide customers with the information they need to hire them.

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