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By MICKoWAR, Aug 9 2017 03:13AM

The BEST is yet to come.

Sure, like everybody else, you’ve had some amazing highs and exciting times in your life and however long later are now are just plodding along in first gear, getting by day to day. You know you’ve got plans for more incredible things that are on the cusp or yet to come to fruition. But in the meantime, there’s nothing of any value bringing the joy you desire into your daily life.

This little scenario is no doubt normal for too many humans these days, it can leave us antsy and bored. Often leaving us seeking out bad attention to try and fill the void within. With humans becoming so accustomed to their environment, the idea of entering a chrysalis like state and evolving past the point of where we’re at, now somehow seems scarey.

If we take a solid look at people who are unanimously seen as successful, you’ll notice that they’re extremely driven people, never becoming complacent with everyday life. Take Arnold Schwarzenegger for example (Always my go to for making any point!), he was ALWAYS goal driven, he was finding a way to relentlessly reach his goals and I think this world would not be as good a place without him striving for more. Of course, with great power, comes great responsibility (Thanks Stan Lee) and letting success get to your brain can really derail oneself from reality and their own integrity.

So, let's just say you’re relating to what I’m writing more than you’d like to, what small changes can you bring into your life right now, to help ease yourself to the next stage of your life?

- Be grateful for everything, good or bad. Before reading on for the answer, why don’t you try and guess why you should be grateful for the bad things in your life?

My theory for this is a case of whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It might have been that cheating ex, or a backstabbing friend, or some dickhead decided to sue you for a quick buck. How can these things make you stronger? Well, if you decide to fight over flight, you’ll receive the lesson and grow from it, no different to going to the gym and lifting weights until you're sore, the end result here being muscle growth. Take the higher path in your eyes and be thankful for what you get from it, even if you never see or understand what that is, someone else will see it in you, potentially growing into part of your life for whatever the purpose may be.

- Have your sights on building the future up, this may be an ongoing goal or a project you’re currently working on. If you’re currently sowing many seeds, they’ll all start sprouting down the track when they are ready and life will start blooming for you then.

Do remember to keep stepping everything forward as often as you can. Becoming complacent with life will mean time will slip out from under your nose faster than you realize, only then you awake to feel like somebody else has been making all your decisions for you. This is just what happens when you fall into operating at an unconscious level.

- Get active. This goes for every area and every way you live your life. Action breeds movement, which is how life was designed to be. You could be hitting the gym, or going out and being more social, networking with businesses or literally anything that is you moving towards your goal.

Having a body that is used to being active is strongly inline with a healthy body, which is the first step in my eyes to a healthy mind, highly critical if this article is applicable to you.

- You might be lonely, in which case, getting out and being social not only helps to alleviate that feeling, but also increases the chances of you meeting someone that would nullify the loneliness.

Becoming all round more successful in your daily life will bring you a higher level of satisfaction than most people would achieve. Not only that, but it will also open you up to a world of extra options, regardless of if you want or need them, they’ll be there, and let me tell you, if you’ve lived a life with nearly no options, you’ll be ever more thankful.

You may have read all this and sat there thinking, I’m too depressed to do anything about it right now, well, all I can say is, harden up buddy, we’ve all been there and this is your calling to start GETTING SHIT DONE!

With Love

Mick Owar

By MICKoWAR, Jun 15 2017 04:35AM

No doubt a question many of us have thrown about from time to time. On many dating apps/websites you see search criteria based on distance, where as some people will set it to very local and others will have no maximum distance at all.

What's the go with people and distance?

My thoughts on the topic are pretty straight forward, distance can do wonderful things for a relationship, for example, when you 'go the distance' and see each other again, it can be a world of absolute magic, the bigger the distance, the more incredible and magical your experience will be.

Time, in the same capacity as distance, can have a multiplying effect, good or bad for you and your partner. If they are a big distance and you've not seen or spoken to them for a larger time than normal, your love tank could be running quite low and in desperate need of a top up, which does indeed translate to physical symptoms of pining for love, affection and attention.

Just like being underwater and needing oxygen, coming back up for air later than anticipated, can and will send the body into fight mode, causing slight panic but still increasing your ability to fight and get to air sooner. Can you imagine that breath of air as you finally get back to the surface? So much relief.

Maybe you work well with time and distance between you, maybe it's good to help weed out the unwanted things in life, ie having tied all your emotions to one person and it not working out. At the end of the day, you want instant gratification, don't you? We all do, and it's fine. But the best results come from dedication to a goal or outcome. It's often the same for most things in life too.

Wanting the instant satisfaction could leave people seeing you as desperate or at the very least, impatient. All good things will come to people who work for them, not who wait... Waiting shows no progress.

I used to be the type of person who would not be willing to travel too far to see a love interest. In fact, if I had to travel to the other side of the city, it was a big effort.

Recently I enjoyed an opportunity travelling to Asia. Having already done plenty of personal development and being single for some time, I wasn't thinking about anybody, but enjoying my own company on the journey.

Within a week, that had changed, something magical had started to begin in my life and opened my mind to the bigger picture in life. Literally sending me into a huge whirlwind of action, in my personal and romantic life.

In this time, I learnt so much more than I would have expected, and I came back home a VERY different person, the person writing this article to help others.

What did I learn for me from this experience?

-Distance doesn't have to mean anything if you don't want it to.

-Time is important to make the most of the moment with.

-Fuel your intentions with love.

-Don't be quick to anger.

-Speak your mind.

-Integrity is the key to everything you want to achieve.

In finishing.. Work towards your goal, develop yourself into a next level human, and even if things don't work out, you may be surprised at what becomes part of your life as things progress.

By MICKoWAR, Feb 25 2016 11:05AM

MICKoWAR is your Melbourne Marketing Genius, learning all desperately needed skills needed to get YOUR business off the ground and kicking goals! Mick went from sulking on welfare, to finding the quick road to making a success of your small business (By quick I mean the last decade!).

What is Marketing?

Simply the feat of attracting customers, in this case, it’s via the the new age tech systems that have seen the downfall of the Yellow Pages, I’m talking of course about Google & all the online search engines. This tech literally obliterated the old school print directories over a small few years, creating an entire new industry, called Search Engine Optimisation. We in the industry shorten this by calling it SEO or SEM (Search Engine Marketing), so if people start throwing that jargon around, you’ll now know we’re not JUST crazy!

What is Sales to me?

Only the most critical thing to keep the economic world turning. What sales tools you implement and how you do them will always determine your success. For example, does your business have a website taking the load off your shoulders? Does it have ecommerce? If not, you have plenty of room for improvement! The amount of people you can service at any one time will determine how successful you are with your business endeavours, so let me help you reach more people to help!

Will SEO Help My Business?

Personally, I cannot think of a time that it would not, unless the aim of your business is to have zero customers. But if you have a brain about you, more leads means more higher profit and you don’t need to be a brain surgeon to figure out the maths.

“I Can’t Afford It”

Let me ask you, do you want to succeed and make something of your business? If you want to scrape by for the rest of your time, you had better quit reading now, but if you’re wanting success as much as you want to breath, you will need to hit the “hustle” button and work out a way to afford it!

“My website kind of sucks and won’t sell our business”

Even better, I’ll build you a website and host it for you for a small weekly fee, $0 upfront! You haven’t heard of a better deal offered in Australia before. I’ll make you a great web design doing as much or as little work as you need done to it in order to give it flight. Best of all for you, you can go out and make your money before I get mine! Can you say “That’s a pretty swish deal!” .. Yes you can!

Born & bred businessman

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset, even as a child, so if you are looking for a new marketing attack strategy, you’ve found the right person to help you step it up a notch! If you want something, you need to get in contact with me so I can help you achieve it through my lean marketing techniques.

I’m a Good Hearted Health Nut

I love fitness, I’m into bodybuilding and I also partake in singing for rock and metal bands. Another hobby is breeding dogs. I have a good heart and I’m just here to help you.

My motto is “Looking out for the little guy!”

By MICKoWAR, Feb 13 2015 02:12AM

It is with a saddened heart that I say one last goodbye to long time friend Tash Televski. She was such an uplifting chick and always happy, unfortunately for her sometimes the happiest people on the outside are all too miserable on the inside.

I can't ever understand what you were going through or how you managed to do what you did, but you left us too soon. With all my heart I hope you find the peace you so craved, I shall keep myself open to the idea that your spirit will still be with all the kind and beautiful people that loved you.

My condolences to everybody who knew this wonderful woman.

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