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By MICKoWAR, Feb 2 2015 01:55AM

Nothing But Net, an awesome web design company based in Melbourne, Victoria, has now expanded its startup company kick starting services with the current addition of SEO, more specifically Search Engine Optimisation! Of course you might ask "What does this mean for me?". Well, basically, every week, we'll put the time in to enhance awareness of your businesses online presence, producing a strong foundation for your internet site to be discovered naturally with leads who are keen on possibly utilizing you! Basically, you should ask yourself, what may it indicate to you if your sales conversion tool (your internet site) had the ability to crunch more visitors?

As the owner of Nothing But Net, Mick Owar is a skilled SEO Jedi who has endured the great Algorithm changes that took place from 2012 onwards, being that of Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. Having absolutely no websites that were influenced by the changes in siteranking that took place throughout these times, Mick, also understood as the SEO Jedi has stood tall with high ranking internet sites spread throughout the World Wide Web.

With the digital world growing every single day, do you actually wish to be left out from all the prospective online leads that are looking to be your client!?

Lets skip the pitch, show me what you’ve done!

Well first of all, ask yourself, how did you get find this press release? Our only advertising that we carry out is SEO & Internet Marketing, so we've proven ourselves with that point. We've seen Education placement companies grow considerably from our SEO optimisation efforts, within only 8 weeks for important longer tail keywords.

Additional results consist of

-Doberman pinscher breeder based in Melbourne, ranking in the leading positions for all the most vital vital expressions - Australia large, funnelling almost ALL suitable leads directly to the "money site".

-Banner printing & design company that services bands, also ranking exceptionally high for the top keywords for it's certain niche.

So to conclude this news release, we hope that you've found out a thing or two about exactly what makes our services work for our small company friends. Get in touch so that we can personally assist you grow your business into an online sensation.

Nothing But Net slogan is: “Because I'm looking out for the little guy!"

By MICKoWAR, Jan 7 2015 10:41PM

Good day to the small business owners, here is the best method to get your company online, with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING upfront! 100 % Australian owned and run, Nothing But Net Internet Design provides entrepreneur a cheap means to get online with a FANTASTIC website with a custom-made design which is then cut and hosted online, all for a small regular charge!

How does getting an online pamper sound to you?

The best part is, you don't even need to pay anything in advance! For just $20 per week, you go from newbie to internet samurai, when we give you a wonderful site design, which we host online for you as well. We'll even show you how simple it is to edit your website and keep your material relevant and up to date, so that your own companies SEO efforts will be a piece of pie!

Whats SEO you ask? Let me describe it.

Search engine optimisation is having people discover your own business by means of search engines like Google & Bing and so on. In response to your next question, yes, I do believe all significant companies should do Search Engine Optimization at some time. When your site is ranking you'll be grateful you take part in getting it there, as all those leads are just an expense efficient way of marketing your website.

Simply $20? What do I get for that?

We will get you on the web with not only a low-cost and customized web design, we'll even populate five pages on your website to give you a great foundation to start selling exactly what you do.

What if I need more pages?

Simply, we've got your best interests taken care of, you can add page packs to your small business web designer and we'll do up as many more as you need. It's the very same deal for other services such as your companies logo design, material writing, staff photos, promotional videos, Gmail setup plus a lot more.

I think there was some reference of Search Engine Optimization and I demand to be told more!

Ok, have it your way, we do business SEO services for our Australian company owner, meaning we just include the expenses to your weekly payments, and we spend numerous hours in the dark boosting your site up the ranks to beat out your enemies. We have a great track record for taking out the top place with the best keywords, but unlike other Search Engine Optimization business, we steer clear of the fluff that Australian Search Engine Optimization companies give to their clients. Just as an example, the average person would scratch their head if a Search Engine Optimization specialist stated “Could you please change the H2 tags?”.

If you're still checking out our services and desire to make something of your small company, whilst still keeping your cash circulation in toe, follow the links, pick up the telephone and let's talk about starting an internet site for your business.

By MICKoWAR, Dec 23 2014 11:11PM

As a result of the air pollutant issues at the moment, it is exceedingly challenging to regulate wonderfully soft skin. Clean pores is a thing that everyone wants to have, and many people seek the services of a dedicated makeup artist, or even a few make up artists. Now we share the best tips, on how to ensure your skin stunningly amazing on your own on a limited budget.

Proper Eating Creates Pretty Skin:

A clean diet is always important in maintaining fresh skin. To keep the skin nourished the following diet should be taken.

Water: Each day you should drink at least eight glasses of water, because it assists in keeping the skin hydrated and the system clear of crap.

Blueberries: A potent source of antioxidants, blueberries are a great source of fiber.

Chow down on a handful of unprocessed walnuts a day for fresher, more vibrant skin. These walnuts are overloaded with fatty acids which protect your skin.

A cup of green tea after you wake and night too promotes and clean the skin.

Eat solely whole-wheat bread over that of the plain white variety. The selenium located in whole wheat flour is a mineral that protects skin cells from the harmful rays of UV damage.

A Few Extra Hints

Most glamour makeup artists in Victoria will tell you that despite a healthy food intake is a great foundation in your skincare maintenance, there are a couple of other regular rituals you need to form.

Sunscreen: Ultraviolet rays have a bad effect on our skin, so it’s recommended that we use sunscreen as a precaution in hot weather.

Moisturize your skin regularly. The most appropriate time to apply moisturizer is post shower or bath as your skin will be able to open up to all those loving soothing lotions at maximum efficiency.

Swallow the required amount of Vitamin E & Evening Primrose Oil to provide your skin cells with the extra nutrients it wants.

Exercise: To get radiating skin, getting the heart rate high is a key factor as it also reduces the visual signs of ageing, since regular exercise helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin.

By MICKoWAR, Dec 17 2014 01:00PM

Everyone can find a Pro Melbourne make-up artist. But, a skilled Melbourne MUA, (within the realms of Australia} can think about the specific needs of all types of clients, with a wide variety of needs in aquiring a pro make-over. Both men and women have needs for a freelance professional makeup artist, for a plethora of reasons or occasions. No matter what the event, a young, thoughtful artist can ensure the make up recipient feel special and give services directed toward to please said client.

Make up is supposed to enrich an individuals natural beauty, not hide it. This needs a pro approach that considers each client's need and profile. Some folk want to feel amazing and want to show off that feeling. Others want to make their best parts pop out on a regular basis. Regardless of the reason for seeking the skills of an MUA, the professional will know what the client is seeking, by asking appropriate questions and gaining an understanding for the person's lifestyle and philosophy.

Many clients are cautious about getting a full make-over or a new feel with make up. Making clients feel ok, by answering a clients questions accurately & giving an understanding of all the options in the kind of makeup that can be done will help remove many hesitations. In other instances, clients are hesitant, as they don't know if they can keep the look on a daily basis.

An experienced, understanding make up artist understands how to help clients, by showing them some basic ideas for applying makeup every time they want. Patience and flawless communications skills are required, to help customers fell at ease with the services rendered. Some folk have little to no experience working with a mobile freelance makeup artist. They need reassurance, some ideas on the types of fell they can do, and a person who will explain a step by step process with a make over. This is quite important for the clients seeking makeup services for the first time.

People seeking makeover services want value for cash. They also expect highly skilled services that address the concerns they have. A pro Mua (makeup artist) who are known for delivering, can give clientele the value they want. Knowing the unique needs of the individual client, addressing any problems they have, & explaining options are the key reasons that add value to the services of a local MUA. It takes more than a friendly smile to earn a reputation as a highly requested make up beautician.

Hygiene is highly critical in the makeup & makeover beauty business. Keeping makeup brushes, styling tools, appliances, and surfaces clean and germ free is critical in the makeup business. Customers want to feel comfortable & safe, particularly when services are provided by a pro freelance make up artist.

Neat tools & supplies make a impressive impression. But, with today's infections, peoples health & safety is a huge concern. Clean and appropriately cleaned tools help prevent the spread of bugs that can badly affect the clients' well being. They also assist the professional stay organized, to work efficiently} and effectively, giving everybody the make over they expect.

Environmental problems are a concern for many beauty clients. Giving make up and make over services from an ethical perspective needs consideration for the products used, and recommended to customers. It is imperative to utilize ethical make up brands and products that are not used on animals. Cruelty-free products fit the ethical standards of the beautician, and the standards of the clients.

Aside from using cruelty free makeup products, skin sensitivity is another issue. Make up brands designed for sensitive skin assist the makeup artist avoid ”unique” situations with customers. Many products, even those which are organic, or plant based, have the possibility to create skin irritation. Using hypo-allergenic make-up products or those created for sensitive skin help mean customers will avoid issues with rashes, redness, or irritation. Knowing tha make up products are created for sensitive skin helps relieve problems clients may have about using make-up. With the correct products, the artist can will good recommendations to clients, on the products they can buy to use at work.

a freelance make-up beautician that goes a little further, to provide the greatest service possible, will earn a history as a reliable and proficient pro. Giving teachings on picking the most suitable make-up, requires a know how of colour & skin tone. Being able to explain the application process to customers, is another necessary skill to have. Both sex’s need to understand how to apply makeup when a beautician isn’t available.

Offering beauty hints n tips and lessons on the correct makeup application is best way to assist customers achieve greater satisfaction with services rendered. However, being able to give fashion tips is an added benefit that gives customers a total pack. Make-up will help a customer create a new look. But, the right style helps to finish the sought after look and finish the make over process. A beautician that can contribute to a total reformation or a new fashion offers people what they want and more, improving overall satisfaction with the makeup services and developing more unique public relations.

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