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By MICKoWAR, Aug 9 2017 03:13AM

The BEST is yet to come.

Sure, like everybody else, you’ve had some amazing highs and exciting times in your life and however long later are now are just plodding along in first gear, getting by day to day. You know you’ve got plans for more incredible things that are on the cusp or yet to come to fruition. But in the meantime, there’s nothing of any value bringing the joy you desire into your daily life.

This little scenario is no doubt normal for too many humans these days, it can leave us antsy and bored. Often leaving us seeking out bad attention to try and fill the void within. With humans becoming so accustomed to their environment, the idea of entering a chrysalis like state and evolving past the point of where we’re at, now somehow seems scarey.

If we take a solid look at people who are unanimously seen as successful, you’ll notice that they’re extremely driven people, never becoming complacent with everyday life. Take Arnold Schwarzenegger for example (Always my go to for making any point!), he was ALWAYS goal driven, he was finding a way to relentlessly reach his goals and I think this world would not be as good a place without him striving for more. Of course, with great power, comes great responsibility (Thanks Stan Lee) and letting success get to your brain can really derail oneself from reality and their own integrity.

So, let's just say you’re relating to what I’m writing more than you’d like to, what small changes can you bring into your life right now, to help ease yourself to the next stage of your life?

- Be grateful for everything, good or bad. Before reading on for the answer, why don’t you try and guess why you should be grateful for the bad things in your life?

My theory for this is a case of whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It might have been that cheating ex, or a backstabbing friend, or some dickhead decided to sue you for a quick buck. How can these things make you stronger? Well, if you decide to fight over flight, you’ll receive the lesson and grow from it, no different to going to the gym and lifting weights until you're sore, the end result here being muscle growth. Take the higher path in your eyes and be thankful for what you get from it, even if you never see or understand what that is, someone else will see it in you, potentially growing into part of your life for whatever the purpose may be.

- Have your sights on building the future up, this may be an ongoing goal or a project you’re currently working on. If you’re currently sowing many seeds, they’ll all start sprouting down the track when they are ready and life will start blooming for you then.

Do remember to keep stepping everything forward as often as you can. Becoming complacent with life will mean time will slip out from under your nose faster than you realize, only then you awake to feel like somebody else has been making all your decisions for you. This is just what happens when you fall into operating at an unconscious level.

- Get active. This goes for every area and every way you live your life. Action breeds movement, which is how life was designed to be. You could be hitting the gym, or going out and being more social, networking with businesses or literally anything that is you moving towards your goal.

Having a body that is used to being active is strongly inline with a healthy body, which is the first step in my eyes to a healthy mind, highly critical if this article is applicable to you.

- You might be lonely, in which case, getting out and being social not only helps to alleviate that feeling, but also increases the chances of you meeting someone that would nullify the loneliness.

Becoming all round more successful in your daily life will bring you a higher level of satisfaction than most people would achieve. Not only that, but it will also open you up to a world of extra options, regardless of if you want or need them, they’ll be there, and let me tell you, if you’ve lived a life with nearly no options, you’ll be ever more thankful.

You may have read all this and sat there thinking, I’m too depressed to do anything about it right now, well, all I can say is, harden up buddy, we’ve all been there and this is your calling to start GETTING SHIT DONE!

With Love

Mick Owar

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