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By MICKoWAR, Oct 30 2017 01:38AM

It wasn’t until very recently that this movement was made apparent to me, and whilst I can understand aspects of why you would do that, the bigger picture of why you would do this just comes across as just giving up on yourself.

Let me give you a little history on what I’ve come to learn this movement is all about…Essentially it’s a bunch of men who have decided to stop being men, because every woman they have met has hurt them in some way. So they follow this new way of being “Men Going Their Own Way”. There’s no point in speculating why or where they’ve come from, however what I can say is that there are many many happy couples around, that involve women, who are doing just fine. There are many unhappy couples as well, but they decide to coexist anyway. One lesson that took me ages to learn, was that if you have a problem, you need to do something about it.. If that issue is constantly repeating itself with different people in your life, for example, all the women you give your love to hurt you, then maybe YOU are the common problem in all these equations.

I personally have a high level of respect for the old Spartan attitude, the way it’s depicted in the movies, is a bunch of very manly men protecting those dear to them. Nowadays this infectious politically correct movement has turned almost EVERYBODY into a bunch of wimpy people, who decide to tread carefully as to not hurt the precious butterflies amongst us. Putting pressure on everybody else to eliminate their humanity and act more like a boring robot.

As we’re growing into adulthood, we’re told by all around us to be ourselves, and that we shouldn’t need to change for anyone, we’re perfect the way we are. Unfortunately for those, evolution doesn’t give a fuck about you or your personality. Evolution goes to show us that those willing to be flexible and alter themselves or their approach will survive and last. These days however, too many people have lost this survival instinct and remain at the entry level point of being an undeveloped human being. But in good old fashioned human being style, the natural balance is always being upset. Now all I hear from everywhere I go is: “Why is there so many dumb people around??!”.

The point I’m making is that those deciding to go MGTOW have just given up. They’ve decided that pain hurts too much and is not worth the pursuit of happiness and love. Personally, I’ve been single for the last 3 years, and at no point did it ever occur to me that it’s easier to just live my life without chasing the thing I want or any of my goals and to just survive until the day I die. I’ve been hurt plenty in my time, it’s left me in not so great financial space at times, but as all this hit me, over and over again, I started to realize that it might be time to start GROWING MYSELF, and to stop being that child I once was. In no way am I single from not looking and not wanting, I am single because I plan to use my past experience to help me pick the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Flying solo is an important period where you have the opportunity to expand yourself and grow. Whether you are a man of a woman, don’t bide your time until you find the next person to help you pass the time, use it wisely to become who you want to be. Don’t do anything because it's convenient, do it because it’s going to be GREAT, Do it because you want to EARN the right to say you DESERVE it!

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