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By MICKoWAR, Nov 7 2017 11:57PM

Ever met someone that you think is pretty cool, yet strangely also somewhat closed off or plays hard to get? Sure, at first this can be quite fun, more so for the boys who like to chase, which would seem to be biologically programmed into us.

Naturally, they wouldn’t be so closed off with their friends or those who are not your target market for dating. This isn’t necessarily a rule, some people are just closed off because they are just outright quiet.

So what’s the deal with the ones who play hard to get? Well, clearly you have to UP your game in order to (for some reason) convince them that you’re worthy of their time. Generally speaking, you would see this person as taking a moreso selfless route, in order to win the hard to get person over. The chaser may find themselves buying flowers or doing things they wouldn’t normally do in order to reach that next level with their infatuation.

Let's say the chaser finally lands the chased and they start dating. Eventually the facade fades away and the game playing also fades due to being useless. They finally accept and are open to showing their hearts. More time passes and the chased becomes more at ease around the chaser, showing off who they really are.

Really, it’s like Pandora’s box at the beginning, sure you thought they were cool at first, whether it be because they were just gaming you, or because you love the chase. But now you’ve hit the point of opening the box and learning what you’ve really lept into.

Let’s say that in this scenario the chaser found something he wasn’t after, hidden within the chased. He has two options, admit defeat and suck it up until the Chased inevitably ends it due to being unhappy, or he can Rex Hunt it, kiss and throw the chased back. Who gets hurt the most here? One saw potential, but was wrong, because the other only showed a fragment of their personality. Who ever was being chased will likely play harder to get next time, thinking that’s the smart move to stop that from happening again.

It doesn’t really matter, does it? It sucks either way right?

But you know what would be cool? If people dealt with their past shit before jumping into the next thing, so that they didn’t feel the need to play games or be playing hard to get in the first place, therefore fostering an environment where both parties can show off exactly who they are right from the beginning, without it mattering if they like you or not.

Some seem to forget, that nobody in this world owes you a damn thing! Let alone, should like you. It’s all part of the every day, enjoy your own life and keep doing things that make you happy without encroaching on everybody else’s lives.

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